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A resource for Cedar Park United at-home worship

by Rev. Dr. Elisabeth Jones

What is this?
This is an at-home worship resource that re-tells the story of the last week of Jesus’ life, from the Palm Parade day, when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, until the morning of “Good Friday”—the day Jesus was crucified. It is based on the Gospel of Matthew.

This worship “walks” through your family home, placing each of the scenes in (or around) a different room. It begins with a palm parade, a theme which continues throughout the worship.

This worship is designed so you can either

experience it in one session on Palm-to-Passion Sunday. Depending on how you choose to do this, it can last for a minimum of about 45 minutes…to the entire day if you want!


experience it bit by bit throughout Holy Week. You can do one “scene” per day between Palm Sunday and Good Friday, which may work especially well for families with tiny children or people with shorter attention spans, or for those wanting to do a short family prayer time each day of Holy Week.

Follow the coloured text for the instructions that correspond to your choice:

purple for all-in-one-go

and orange for one scene per day.

What we have provided:
• This full script with instructions
• Sign templates for each scene/day of Holy Week (below)
• Scripture reading for Scene 2
• MP3 file with the “Sana, Sananina” music
• MP3 file with RevE reading all the Scripture-based sections
Link to the CPU Facebook page where we will be collecting your photos of your experiences, if you choose to share them

Sana. Sananina music file
RevE reading the scripture based sections

What you will need to provide:
• Smartphone or device that can play MP3 files (if you choose to use them)
• Printout of the script(s) if you’re not using the audio files
• Signs for each scene (templates are provided at the end, but you can also make your own)
• A “palm” for each family member (you can make this however you like—from paper or fabric or from a branch)
• Tea lights or pebbles, for the prayers in Scene 4
• Something to fashion a cross in Scene 6

What you may want to add:
• Stuffed toys, dolls, Playmobil figures, etc. to add to your parade
• Your own musical instruments and musical choices to accompany your worship
• Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 13, (attached at the bottom of this document) verses

How to plan ahead:
Choose different rooms in your house as “sets” for the scenes along the route. Put up your signs ahead of time.
We suggest:

Scene 1: hallway, living room, or outside
Scene 2: living room/kids’ bedroom
Scene 3: kitchen or dining room table
Scene 4: a quiet space (perhaps a bedroom)
Scene 5: Front entryway

Now you’re all set to walk through Holy Week!

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