Continuing Your Financial Support during these Covid-19 Times

 We rely on your financial donations for everything we’re continuing to offer online, and all our outreach and regular operating expenses, including salaries and the upkeep of our facilities. The Finance Team and Board have worked hard during the pandemic to keep our expenses in line with income, making cuts where necessary.

If you’re able to continue or increase your donations*, here’s how:

            Mail a cheque (or post-dated ones) to the church, 204 Lakeview, Pointe-Claire QC H9S 4C5. Please avoid leaving anything in the church mailbox as our staff is working from home.

            Transfer your donation using electronic banking to and then email the answer to the security question.

            Click on the Donate Now button on this website to use your credit card.

            Enrol in PAR to have your donation automatically transferred from your bank account to CPU around the 17th of each month. Contact for the enrollment form.

* We recognize that some individuals and families are facing financial challenges during these Covid-19 times. Please know that we do not want you to feel any pressure from the above information.

Here’s an overview about what giving means at Cedar Park United. 

People give to God’s work through our community in many ways. Some offer their experience and gifts of time, talent, expertise, and creativity. It’s these people who help to provide programming for KidZone, Social Justice, Christian growing and learning programmes, administration, volunteers for special events, or through leadership on the Church Board.

Financial gifts are also vitally important to maintain the health of our community and its ministries. Cedar Park United is totally self funding and is dependent upon the financial support of individuals and families. Giving can be done through weekly offering envelopes which are collected each week during worship, through Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR), through cheques, electronic funds transfer (EFT), credit card or on line.

To make a donation from the comfort of your home, use E transfer / online banking
• Free from RBC to RBC.
• From another bank, you may be charged $1-$1.50 by your bank.

Use the CPU email address to make the transfer:
You will need a security question so please ensure that the Church Administrator knows the answer.

Select if your donation is for local ministry or a special project. All donations will be included in your annual tax receipt. Thank you!

All gifts made directly to the church are tax-deductible. We also receive bequests and special gifts to support particular projects. For more information see Money & Resources Q&A. Giving is also possible by using the links on this site to and SheetMusicPlus (below or on the Music Ministry page). The church receives a commission on sales made through these links. Shopping with gift cards purchased through Fundscrip also provides commission revenue to the church.

Giving allows us to empower the work that we believe in, and to support work in places where we cannot be physically.