Did you know…

Even while our building is closed during Covid-19, you can still buy Fundscrip cards? What’s Fundscrip, you ask?

Fundscrip is a revenue-generating tool for Cedar Park United. The funds it raises help to offset our operating costs. Fundscrip lets you make a difference–and it’s a perfect fit for your budget. Interested in having more info? Please let us know.

The ingenious thing about Fundscrip is that it costs you nothing. All it involves is a slight shift in the way you do your regular shopping…which results in a donation to Cedar Park United.

Here’s how it works: Over 100 retailers cooperate with Fundscrip. When you buy one of their gift cards through Fundscrip, they give back a certain percentage to Cedar Park.

For example, if you usually spend $100 on groceries at Metro each week, you could make a slight shift and buy a Metro gift card through Fundscrip to make that purchase. You get the same groceries you always do BUT the church receives $3 (3%) from Fundscrip. If 100 people from our congregation did this each week, Cedar Park would receive $1,200 a month. And if everyone in the congregation invited a friend to do the same…Imagine!

Wondering how you pay? You can choose from several options to fit your personal needs: Electronic Funds Transfer, Online Bill Paying System or by cheque.  When you order online, your cards will be mailed to your home. If you prefer not to order online, our Fundscrip Booster, Barb, can arrange for you to place your order with her and she can even deliver to you! If this is of interest, please let us know. Thank you for your support!