Painting at St Columba House









Cedar Park’s Men’s group has no formal membership criteria; all men are welcome to attend on one or two Tuesday evenings of each month (see events for the next meeting), whether or not you have other connections with our community. Meetings are held in homes, and provide open, honest dialogue about questions that are important to those in attendance. The program develops out of the discussion and needs of members and could include a presentation by a member of the group or an invited guest. As stated by the group, its values are: an opportunity to be open in a safe environment, spiritual exploration, sense of belonging, openness to others, and a commitment to members’ not being left out if one should miss a meeting or two.

Discussion topics have included:

Books such as “The Future of Faith” by Harvey Cox, “A History Of God” by Karen Armstrong, “Christ the Lord” by Anne Rice, “The Heart of Christianity” by Marcus Borg;

Life issues such as dealing with the death of a child, kids growing up and letting go, caring for parents, the “Bucket List”;

Other faiths – we have visited a synagogue and talked to an imam;

Faith journeys – we have received various clergy guests and heard their life stories, talked about Jean Vanier and other spiritual leaders; and

The stories and interests of our participants.

We try to have at least a couple of activities each year where we collectively help others is a practical way. The photo above is from our painting expedition to St Columba House in Point St Charles.

We have only a few rules designed to create a safe space for guys to share what is important to them.  These include: obtaining permission from that person before sharing the stories of another person in the group,  talking in “I” lanaguage (as opposed to “you”), not challenging the statements of others, and allowing space for the less verbose to add their reflections.

If you would like more information please contact Rod LeRoy or Rick Sheffer or the Church office.