The Cedar Park United Women’s Group, which started in 2009, has worked to provide a safe place for women to come and be in fellowship together.

Over the course of the Group’s five years of existence, it has slowly developed the general direction of exploring the concept of spirituality. This means that whatever the topic chosen by the group members, the discussion that occurs in the meetings will attempt to encourage each member to explore her personal understanding of the concept, as well as her own personal spiritual development. This has led to a great variety of topics (some listed below), all of which have contributed to both the development of the group and a continuing discussion of what ‘spirituality’ might actually mean in one’s everyday life.

The group which encourages confidentiality, listening, and honesty is open to all women interested in this type of activity, and participants are welcome to attend as many or as few meetings as they wish. Meetings are held the first Monday of each month in the Church Lounge, 7:30-9:30 pm.

Some topics we have explored include:

  • Spirituality as a Garden
  • Does the Way we Talk about God Matter?
  • Prayer
  • Foodways
  • December Solstice
  • Living a Loving Life
  • Uppity Women ‘Ruth’
  • Connecting with Your Inner Voice
  • Personal Spiritual Journeys
  • Does the Church Need Dudes?
  • Dare to Age Well
  • Summer Memories
  • Wisdom
  • A Course in Miracles