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Cedar Park partners with and supports the LGBTQ Youth Centre  which runs out of Beaconsfield United Church. Last weekend they held their first fundraising dinner, with several Cedar Parkers attending.  According to Lynn and Dick Hovey, who helped to organize and run the event together with the board members of the centre,  the evening was a “spectacular success”. Many of the youth served the dinner and spoke about how life-changing, even life-saving this youth centre has been for them. In total, $6,700 were raised in support of the centre.

By supporting the ministry of Cedar Park United with your time as well as your money, you are helping us help others to make a life-giving difference in the world! This is Stewardship at its best: Celebrating life in all its abundance! Thank you to all the Cedar Parkers who supported this event!

You can find out more about the LGBTQ Youth Centre and how you can get involved by consulting their web site or by calling 514-794-5428 .

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