CPU Logo Guidelines


Questions and answers about Cedar Park United’s new logo


What is the logo exactly?

The logo is composed of the graphic blue symbol together with the wordmark (Cedar Park United). They are locked together, which means that they must be used together. The English and French signatures (also called taglines) are separate items.


Do I need to use the signatures with the logo?

That depends on the way in which the logo will be used. For most church documents and other items, we recommend that both signatures be used.


Should I use a particular background colour with the logo?

Yes, it’s best to use white or cream. On coloured paper, the black and white version of the logo should be used.


Do I need to use a particular Word typeface with the logo?

Yes, the most compatible font is Trebuchet MS, which can be found on most computers. Should you wish to use colour fonts, we recommend that you match the font with the colours in the logo and signatures.


I need a poster for a church event. Where do I put the logo on the poster, and what colors should I use?

If you need a poster or sign, please contact the Church Administrator who will provide you with a template for posters and other frequently used formats.


Where can I get a digital copy of the logo?

You can request a digital copy of the logo from the Church Administrator, and it will be sent to you in the form best suited to your planned use of it (jpeg or PDF).


Is there anything else I should know?

We do kindly ask that you ensure that the logo is reproduced in its correct proportions and colours. When resizing the logo, for example, always grab from the corner rather than the side or top (grabbing from the sides or top will distort the logo).


Is any kind of approval needed for documents or items that include the logo?

Because we are doing our best to establish a consistency of “look”, we do request that all documents and communications items using the logo be shown to the Church Administrator prior to publication.


Can I add the logo to my digital signature for church e-mail correspondence?

Of course! Please just do so keeping these guidelines in mind.


Are there restrictions on the use of the logo?

The Cedar Park United logo and signature are the property of Cedar Park United Church. Any reproduction of the logo and signature, other than for church-related use, is prohibited without the expressed permission of Cedar Park United Church.