Cedar Park is a very busy community of faith, with many groups at work living our logo in various ways. We love to involve as many people as possible in all sorts of ways to share God’s love through time and talent.  

As a United Church, we also have a number of “Standing committees” which we call Ministry Teams  who are responsible for the core ministry areas of worship, spiritual/faith development, congregational/pastoral care, and financial and resource management.    

Worship and Praise Ministry Team

Social Justice Ministry Team

Christian Development Ministry Team 

Congregational and Pastoral Care Ministry

Ministry Team Chairs for 2020 are listed below:

Worship and Praise Ministry Bob Birnie
Congregational Care Ministry (Staff: Terry Wiebe)  Margaret Vost
Social Justice Ministry  Paul Clarke
Christian Development Ministry Joanne Kalan
Healing Pathway Ministry Patricia Jones
Ministry & Personnel Committee Barry Weldon and Jamie Stevens
Property Team Ron Wiebe
Welcoming/ Newcomers Vincent Randy
Trustees Rev. Dr. Elisabeth Jones
Coffee House Ministry Team Richard Bastien and Terri Coyle
Men’s Group Rod LeRoy, Rick Sheffer, Dick Hovey
Women’s Group Dawna Wieppert
Finance & Stewardship Pascal Ricard
Worship Imagineers Rev Dr. Elisabeth Jones
Choirs (Adults) Douglas Knight
Morning Connections Nancy Walsh, Elsa Dondenaz
NeXt for Youth Group Martha Randy
Prayer Shawl Ministry Marian Ufford
Sanctuary Redesign Group Janet Cheasley