Cedar Park United has one of English Quebec’s largest volunteer church choirs with 20 singers. 


In days pre-dating COVID-19, the CPU Adult Church Choir sang at all Sunday morning services from September to June, and was renowned in the community for its annual Christmas service of sacred music “Christmas Choir Celebration” with anthems, readings and sing along carols, complete with a very hospitable reception. For this event, our regular church choir was always augmented with singers from beyond our walls; these added singers indeed remain part of our extended family.

Our choir despite the current pandemic continues to be an integral part of our Sunday morning services; we simply have gone “virtual” singing anthems and hymns in our on-line worship services. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced singer there is a place for you in our audio virtual choir.

Our choir members range from highly trained to those who have never taken a voice lesson, but generally speaking they have had choir singing experience and already have basic music theory skills.

Rehearsals during this unusual time are held in front of a computer screen every Thursday evening 7:30-8:30 PM. New choristers may join the choir at anytime throughout the year, but must first get in touch with the music director Douglas Knight. Write to him directly on the “Contact Us” page for information. He will want to hear your voice over the phone or an mp3 recording to be sure you are able to sing in tune and be able to blend with the other voices. He will also see that you are placed in the correct section of the choir depending on your range of notes.