Cedar Park United is a deeply caring community. Looking out for one another happens at all sorts of levels, whether just a friendly smile and listening ear at one of our gatherings, or visiting those in hospital or who cannot get out and about. While caring is everyone’s responsibility, Cedar Park United also has a Pastoral Care Team Ministry which works with our Minister to ensure that those who need a visit, or special care during a crisis or tough time, get it.

If you want to become involved in this Pastoral Care Ministry team, do let Rev. Elisabeth know, or Margaret Vost, who is team leader.

And if you ever need the support of this ministry, don’t hesitate! Just call the Church Office at 514 695 3337, and you’ll be connected with help as soon as possible.

Cedar Park United also has an active Healing Pathway Ministry which is a non-invasive procedure practiced by trained team members, using ‘healing touch’ techniques adapted for this United Church sponsored healing program. The practitioners act as conduits through which God’s grace passes to restore balance and wholeness of Body, Mind, and Spirit. The most common effect is a sense of profound peace and relaxation that may alleviate the pain of muscle tension from the temporary and even long-time stresses of life. Check out the Healing Pathway website page or the bulletin boards to find out more, or to book an appointment. This ministry is available to anyone who needs it.  NOTE: we are unable to offer in-person sessions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Family Life Centre is also supported by Cedar Park United and seven other West Island churches. As part of this ministry, trained volunteers respond to the Family Life Centre voice mail messages to offer referrals to community resources, and accept registrations for workshops.  514 630-7794.