Some members of the Healing Pathway Team

The Healing Pathway Ministry is a noninvasive procedure practised by trained team members, using “healing touch” techniques adapted for this United Church programme. The practitioners act as conduits through which God’s grace passes to restore balance and wholeness of Body, Mind, and Spirit. The most common effect is a sense of profound peace and relaxation that may alleviate the pain of muscle tension from the temporary and even longtime stresses of life. Contact the church for information on schedules and appointments.

Would you be interested in learning more about the wider Healing Pathway ministry, including the dates of future training sessions? Training sessions are held periodically. Talk to Pat Jones.

The following is the introduction to Healing Pathway given at our Healing Service on March 20, 2011 by Pat Jones, including a link to a summarized version of the service on YouTube:

Healing Service link

How many of you have ventured downstairs into the basement of Cedar Park United? Open the door with posters on it, and enter the Healing Pathway room, or simply ‘The Healing Room’. Every Monday afternoon the Healing Pathway team – a dedicated team of about 20 practitioners – is available to offer YOU a healing experience. There is no cost, but you do need an appointment.

Let me briefly clarify the modern day healing concept of a very ancient tradition. First healing does not mean curing. We do not promise that you can throw away your eye glasses or back brace. And Christian healing does not claim any credit for healing in which the practitioner has been a part. We are simply conduits through which God’s grace can flow to places it is needed most.

But you will find after a treatment that you feel relaxed, emotionally nourished, a sense of peace, and maybe even mentally and spiritually changed. If you sign up for a 40 minute treatment it means you have decided to give yourself a gift of Divine energy. And here is the amazing part: being a practitioner is just as rewarding as being the receiver! We all come away from the treatments relaxed and with an internal calm, feeling as nourished as you feel having been treated.

Healing Pathway is an energy modality based on the Healing Touch International program. The United Church of Canada adopted this program over 15 years ago as part of the church’s healing ministry and with permission from Healing Touch to introduce spiritual language. You will find HP keeps company with many other energy modalities such as Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Polarity, etc. And believe it or not, there is a lot of scientific literature to support these methods of ancient healing, which have become a common adjunct to standard medical care.

We invite you call us for an appointment to receive this wonderful gift. Come once or several times. You deserve it!

Pat Jones
CPUC Healing Pathway coordinator