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Time with the  Children:  On the lookout for Wisdom:

Today we are all going to be in church together so I need to ask for your help to get us started thinking about our theme for the day…Wisdom. It’s a hard thing to understand but we’re going to work at it today.

So let’s think about this a bit: Do you know someone who is really brainy…who knows lots of facts, and always wins at those trivia games? Does that make them wise? What’s the difference between knowing lots of facts and wisdom?

Really brainy people built the atomic bomb…

Really brainy people set up the economic system we have…

Really brainy people can figure out how to make wars…

What   makes   something   wise? Wisdom is for the common good, for the good of people and of creation. It is   for   the   good   of   community

I’m going to tell you a story from the time I was in Africa and I want you to tell me who was wise in the story.  A few months before leaving Ghana, in Africa where I had been teaching in a school, John, who was my cook, took the tops of pineapples and planted them in the back yard of our house.  Now I knew it took about 11/2 years to grow, and I would long be back in Canada, and my cook would be working somewhere else.  I said “John, why are you planting those pineapples, you know we won’t be here when they are ready?”  He looked at me as if I were from another planet and said. “Missus. Gardens are for everybody.”  So who do you think was wise?

 Today We are going to meet someone in the bible, called Wisdom, lady Wisdom….In Hebrew called Hochmah. In Greek Sophia….So if you have the name sophie, or Sophia…then you are named after this biblical character. And she was a very important character too, even if some of you have never heard of her.

This is a do–it yourself sermon today.We are going to create it together. We’re going to find out  as much as we can about lady Wisdom today. So we need to look for clues in our bible so we all have to listen really carefully and think. Let’s go on a Wisdom Quest to find out what we can.  

Our first Clue is from Wisdom 7 #891 Voices United.

So what can we learn here:     

Wisdom is holy light, everlasting light, the light of God. What does light do? -see in the dark…show you the way…take away fear…help you see the difference between what is real and what   isn’t…..Holy light might help you to see the way God sees….

This isn’t some ordinary person is it? It’s more like a quality of God personified. In fact it would be pretty hard to find the line between God and wisdom isn’t it. It’s almost like she is a facet   of God, one of the faces of God.     

Wisdom is the mirror of the active power of God

the image of God’s goodness….

Wisdom makes all things new.

She enters into holy souls,

She Makes them God’s friends and God’s prophets We speak   God’s truths. We want to do things God would like….

When we make our home in Wisdom, we are close to God….

Wisdom is powerful and can defeat evil.  

So let’s look for another clue: This time in Proverbs.   This is not a book of stories, but rather a book of sayings and teachings that help us learn to live. and Lady Wisdom figures prominently in it.  Let’s see if we can learn some more things   about her.

Read: Proverbs 8:1-4,22-36 So what can we learn?

Is lady wisdom just sitting up in the clouds, or on a throne someplace? No Wisdom is in the heart of the community/ at the crossroads, right at the busiest intersection in town…..And is she just sitting around watching life roll by?  NO she is calling out to us, trying to reach us. Wisdom’s call is for all people. all humanity. What do you think she might be saying   to us?

She was there at the very beginning…

Wisdom is the partner of God and rejoices in creation, in   the   human race.

Wisdom is playful..knows how to delight in life,

If we follow   wisdom’s ways we find life….If   we don’t we self-destruct.


One   More   Clue:   Proverbs   1:20-25

She’s not afraid of looking stupid to speak her truth.      Standing at the busiest intersection.

She’s calling us to turn our lives around.

Turn from ignorance

turn from cynicism

She doesn’t like it when we don’t pay attention

So our job is to figure out wisdom when we hear it. Where do we hear God’s wisdom I’m going to read you a couple of statements and ask you to tell me whether you hear wisdom in them.  

 “I’m the commander — see, I don’t need to explain — I do not need to explain why I say things. That’s the   interesting   thing about being president.” –as quoted in Bob Woodward’s   Bush at War

 “The same folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq were the ones who attacked us in America on September the 11th.”   –Washington, D.C.,   July   12,   2007

 “Oh, no, we’re not going to have any casualties.” –discussing   the Iraq war with Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson in   2003, as quoted by Robertson

A strange thing has happened to modern peoples.  In becoming literate they have lost the ability to read the world around them; in amassing so much learning, they are missing out on wisdom. A world that can read the word but not the world is in imminent danger. (David Adam Vicar of Holy Island)     

 In seeing to possess things we have lost out on wisdom. In making ourselves the centre of the world we have failed to see how important the rest of the world is to us.  We are using short-term methods to our immediate advantage and that is not wise, for it is to the detriment of the future of our planet and all life upon it.   (David Adam Vicar of Holy Island)     

 Frances Moore Lappé./Opening Note from Getting a Grip Clarity,   creativity and courage in a world gone mad.

 “I’ve finally figured it out. I am not overwhelmed, depressed, confused, ,or bewildered by our world gone mad. I’m ready, I’m past ready.

I just want to go for it.

Why can’t we have a nation –why can’t we have a world we’re proud of? Why can’t we stop wringing our hands over poverty,   hunger, species decimation, genocide, and death from incurable disease that we know is all needless?   The truth is there is no reason we can’t.

…I realize that humanity has no excuses anymore.   In the span of my own lifetime, both historical evidence and breakthrough in knowledge have wiped out all our excuses   We know that we know how to end this needless suffering and we have all the resources to   do it.   From sociology and anthropology to economic, from education and ecology to systems analysis…the   evidence is in. We know what works.

No physical obstacle is stopping us.   Nothing. The barrier is in our heads. We are creating this world gone mad, not because we’re compelled to by some deep flaws in our nature and not because Nature itself is stingy and unforgiving, but because of ideas we hold.   Ideas.”

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