Thanks to the many generous donations of members of our extended community and friends, both here and abroad, the new roof over the sanctuary and Christian education building of Cedar Park United Church is now complete (see the accompanying photos of the construction and the finished product generously provided by Tom Kingsbury).

The insulation and re-covering of the flat roof between the two new green roofs and behind the Christian Development building remains to be scoped and completed; it will constitute a second phase of work which will be completed in the next few years, once a further assessment is made of its condition next Spring.

The costs for the green roofs were approximately $217,000, and we are hoping to complete phase 2 for another $20,000 to $30,000.  With funds received and amounts pledged, phase one will be fully covered, but not yet phase two.  We continue to accept contributions.

 THANK YOU to all who have contributed! Great things are happening under our new roof – come and join us.

The Cold Construction Days of Winter


The Finished Product


Photos: Tom Kingsbury.