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We Sing Thanksgiving Congregational Giving Program


October 2017

Welcome to We Sing Thanksgiving, our congregational giving program for 2018. We appreciate your support of Cedar Park United and your taking the time to read this information package.

The Vision

In her sermon prior to leaving on a well-deserved sabbatical, Rev. Elisabeth challenged us “to be great at being the people of God, keeping Jesus’ message relevant and real”. She encouraged us to live our logo, improving our commitment and capacity to feed our spirits, fulfill our purpose, and feel at home. She challenged us to up our game; to not limit ourselves to being good at what we do but to strive to be great. What we have accomplished together as a congregation in the past is inspiring. We can do even more in the future with the resources, human and financial, with which we have been blessed.

The 2018 Plan

In addition to the work we currently do, 2018 will bring some proposed enabling investments to help us better fulfill our vision and support our faith community in its journey from “good to great”.

1. Caring Community Staff Position: to increase the effectiveness and reach of our caring ministries, to decrease social isolation, particularly among seniors.
2. Worship Time Toddler Care: to enable parents of young children to fully engage in a nourishing worship experience
3. Food Ministry/Kitchen Renovation: to anchor and expand our food ministries to combat food insecurity, increase intergenerational meal ministry, and meet building code standards.
4. Technology Upgrades: to enhance worship and extend the reach or our worship and educational programming via social media, video and podcast technology
5. Sanctuary Redesign: vision and planning to enhance multiple forms of worship and create multi-purpose art/culture space for the wider community.

Budget Implications Associated with Key Initiatives

The Ask

To support the important ministries of Cedar Park United in a sustainable fashion, we are asking you to re-examine your time, talent, and financial contributions to CPU as We Sing Thanksgiving. Before you make your commitments, please ask yourself: Within my personal/family context, is what I am prepared to give meaningful to me and truly supportive of the ministries of our Caring Community of faith?

This re-examination is both timely and important because without a solid financial foundation our ability to maintain and grow our core ministries in future years will be at significant risk. In order to build this foundation, a substantial change in the pattern of giving at CPU will be required and the time to start addressing this, is now.

1. While 137 households pledged a total of $188,312 in 2017, almost half this total came from just 14 households.
2. 14 households pledged, in the aggregate, almost as much as the other 123 households did combined.
3. 9 households pledged in excess of $8,000 each annually or $154 per week, while 83 households pledged on average, $461 annually or less than $9 per week.

When givings are skewed in this fashion, the danger is that the loss or the reduction in pledge of just a few contributing households can have a major impact on our ability to fund our core ministries. The good news is that we have the capacity to solve this challenge. As an example, if the 83 households pledging less than $9 per week were able to increase their giving to just $20 per week ($10 after tax for most), this would result in an increase of over $48,000 annually to CPU. Imagine what could be done with this money to move us from good to great in pursuit of our congregational vision and God’s Dream at Cedar Park United. It would decrease our reliance on just a few givers and put us on a more secure and sustainable financial foundation to pursue and expand our work well into the future.

Thank you for your support and involvement. We recognize that many people are not in a position to increase their giving due to personal and family circumstances. We are grateful for any contribution made to CPU, whether it is of time, talent or treasure. Unlike past years, we are not asking you for a percentage increase in giving but a re-examination of that giving. To execute our vision, we are hoping for almost $35,000 more for the 2018 budget, plus additional commitments of time when possible. We encourage you to re-examine your ability to give on both fronts and answer this question: Within my personal/family context, is what I am prepared to give meaningful to me and truly supportive of the ministries of our Caring Community of Faith? May God guide each one of us in these important deliberations.

Please return your Pledge Form on or about Nov. 5 and plan to join us for a Celebration Lunch after worship on Nov. 12. If I can answer any questions, please call me at 514-674-1263.

Yours in gratitude and faith,

Peter Forton
We Sing Thanksgiving Congregational Giving Chair 2018

Click on these links or scroll down to find out more. Please respond by November 5

Caring Community
Time and Talent form
Financial Donations form

Click on the images below to hear what some Cedar Parkers have to say about why they give and why giving is meaningful to them. 






Click below to hear families from the wider community explain how our monthly community dinner and weekly drop-in play group are positively impacting their lives.

More information on how we can be Caring Community

Have a look at the Caring Community at Cedar Park United page


More information on completing the Time and Talent form

We now have the Caring Community Hub – here are instructions as to how to use it: Time and Talents Hub Instructions

Here is a direct link to the Hub login page

If you or someone that you know cannot use the Hub, please print one copy of the Time and Talents 2017 or Time and Talent Seniors for each adult, teen and young adult in the household. Use a pen or pencil to circle the areas in which you would like to connect. Hand deliver, mail or scan/email your forms to the Church Administrator. You will have received an email from the Church Administrator – please reply to the same address. Then expect a call from or conversation with one of our ministry team leaders.


More information on how you can support Cedar Park United with your donations

The Pledge Form 2018 is editable (you can actually type in the spaces and tick the boxes on your computer). Please save it and email it back to the Church Administrator by November 5. Alternatively you can print it and complete it in pen and then hand deliver, mail or scan/email your form to the Church Administrator. You will have received an email from the Church Administrator – please reply to the same address.

Attached is a Narrative Budget 2018 (based on the ministry performed) showing the planned donations for local ministry at $239,500.