One of the key resources that we use in our ministries is the physical space of our building.It provides a stable point of connection, worship space for our community, working space for ministry teams and space for hosting other community organizations.The building is over 50 years old and some elements have reached or are reaching the end of their normal life.The space needs of our community have changed so some modification of the building will better support our ministries in the future.

Some significant renewal initiatives have been completed to date:

2010 – the renewal of the roof with environmentally friendly and durable steel – this was an expenditure of just over $200,000 of which over $175,000 came from donations, $30,000 from a grant

2010/2011 – phase I of the sanctuary renewal, with the reorientation of the choir and the relocation and replacement of the organ, fully funded with donations

2011/2012 – selection and installation of projection and improved sound equipment in the sanctuary – approximately $20,000 of which $15,000 was funded by donations and $5,000 from a grant

2011/2012 – initial phases of window replacement (fellowship hall windows – $25,000 funded primarily by the Canadian government and some of the basement windows – $30,000 of which $10,000 was funded from a grant, $20,000 from other reserves)

2013 and the future

Lighting and loos – 1) replacement of the lights in the fellowship hall to provide better light and better efficiency and 2) adding one washroom and renovation of the others to make them accessible – we applied for and received a $25,000 grant from the Canadian government to go towards the total project costs of approx $50,000. The balance is expected to be funded from donations and some fundraising. Our stewardship program aimed to increase the sustained donation level by approximately $30,000 which, if achieved, would provide funds for this and other ministry support.


Completing replacement of windows (upper-level south wall and front/north wall) – approx $17,000.

Repairs to exterior sidewalk and ramps to provide handicap accessibility – approx $35,000.

Phase II of the chancel renewal, providing more flexible worship space and handicap accessibility.

New illuminated street sign with event-specific capability – approx $10,000.


Replaced flat roof (over kitchen, meeting room, lounge and offices) with insulation and a reflective membrane – fully paid by a grant and donations. Thank you.


Complete renovation of kitchen to facilitate additional food security programs and seniors’ activities.