On June 1, 2018 we welcomed Terry Wiebe to the ministry team as Coordinator, Congregational Care with Seniors. She and husband Ron came to Cedar Park United in 2014.  Terry and Ron have four grown children and a bevvy of grandchildren to keep them on their toes.

Terry’s role is two-fold: firstly, she works closely with Rev. Elisabeth to triage and coordinate appropriate pastoral, congregational and caring responses to the needs of our seniors, particularly in times of spiritual or health crisis. She coordinates spiritual and congregational care (=care provided by members of the congregation for others in the congregation), which includes rosters for visiting folk in hospital or nursing homes, deliveries of food from the Comfort Food Freezer, and when needed, pastoral visits from the Minister. Visit www.chelseaseniorliving.com/locations/new-jersey/monroe-township/ to get an idea of the nursing homes she visits.

Secondly, she coordinates spiritual and congregational enrichment programming (like our Lunch and Learn series “Before I Die”), and keeps abreast of community-wide programming for seniors, and helps our members access quality services appropriate to their needs and interests.  Terry publishes a monthly Senior Selection Newsletter to share all this information. 

She is also currently monitoring and supporting our Congregational Care Cluster system, especially during this CoVid Season (2020).  

Terry can be contacted via email: cpu.cccs@gmail.com