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  • Action Refugiés Montreal (ARM) recently matched Cedar Park with a family waiting in Turkey for sponsorship. Following a happy and productive exploratory meeting with the family`s cousins, who are living in Montreal, the refugee response team enthusiastically approved the match, and the church board also gave its approval. The application process for government approval of the family is now under way, and the SRR team was pleased to learn that their application has been approved at the provincial level. Processing of the application can take a couple months once submitted. We are working as equal partners with the family in Montreal and ARM to accomplish this important goal.
  • The family is from Syria: a father, mother and three boys ages 18, 13 and 10. They are currently in Turkey after fleeing from their home in Syria (under bombardment) They are now registered as protected persons in Turkey. The parents speak English. The family has a long tradition of peaceful activism and thoughtful spirituality.
  • To introduce the family to Cedar Park’s congregation, a very successful and dramatic information evening was held on March 4. Those present had the privilege of being introduced to the sponsored family by two of their Montreal cousins through stories and photos. It became clear through the evening`s dialogue that the spirit and values of the family we are sponsoring are uniquely in harmony with the Cedar Park credo. And a hugely successful event was held on May 13, with the Montreal cousins of the family not only delighting guests with a Syrian dinner, but also making a well-received presentation on “everything you wanted to know about Islam but was afraid to ask.”
  • Cedar Park United is now preparing to receive and support this family on several fronts.
  • First, the response team is preparing a detailed settlement plan with Action Refugiés Montreal and the Montreal family contact. Following completion of the settlement plan, a discernment process will match willing and able Cedar Park volunteers to the various jobs to be done to help the family – before, during and following their arrival.
  • Second, the response team is stepping up its fundraising efforts. In a truly remarkable show of Cedar Park spirit, about $15,000 have been raised in the very initial stages of the campaign. This leaves about $20,000 to reach our goal (and honoring our responsibility) of ensuring that the family is supported in their first year in Canada. Your gift is much needed, appreciated and is tax deductible.
  • There is much excitement, curiosity, good will, and learning going on with all involved in this important project. Please don`t hesitate to stop Andrea Nugent, Cathie Weldon, Sabra Ledent, Norman Jones, Pat Mayberry, or Ernie Bauer at Sunday coffee if you`d like to hear more. But be prepared to stay a little longer than you`d planned!

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