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Cedar Park United celebrated Thanksgiving in a very participative, intergenerational way. Our youth, led by “Moses”, led the congregation in remembering the Christian roots of Thanksgiving (and there weren’t any Pilgrim hats!)

marc and jane Youth and Moses

The congregation brought forward food items donations that will be given to the local food bank, Christian Action Chrétienne (CAC), and Saint Columba House. Fresh vegetables were also donated, and will  be used to make into soup to store in our Pastoral Care freezer to be delivered, as the need arises, to individuals and families who are ill or grieving.

The congregation also experienced a new version of prayer at three different PrayStations around the sanctuary: one making drawings of blessings to go on a cornucopia board, one where raffia crosses could be braided, and one where herbs could be combined in little sachets to be used in the Pastoral Care soup. An amazing experience for all the senses!

And as a backdrop for all this wonderful Thanksgiving joy, our new worship banners had been hung at the back of the altar area. Made up of the cut-out handprints of the congregation, these banners were assembled by Bob Birnie, and are a gorgeous addition to our worship experience.RevE and Moses

If this style of interactive worship is something that you really enjoy, you are encouraged to attend Rev. Elisabeth’s worship Worship Imagineers workshop on Oct. 29 to be part of the dreaming for Advent worship. You can read more about this on her blog.

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