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Resourcing the Vision

Link to RevE’s sermon on Oct 21, 2018

I am writing this letter surrounded by bubbles! The photo shows some of the “vision bubbles” that have been shared by Cedar Parkers during the first four weeks of our Vision 2020 Season for Discernment. What I’m seeing so far in these bubbles is a shared vision of a value-centred community shaped by the convictions of our progressive, life-affirming Christian faith, and committed to meaningful engagement with our neighbours and partners in pursuit of just wellbeing for all. It is something we are known for, and it seems we all want to lean into the possibilities of this vision yet more.

So, first, let me thank you for all the ways you support the purpose, mission and ministries of Cedar Park United.

There is something afoot at Cedar Park United that feels holy, inspired, Gospel-focussed, and frankly counter cultural, that has me “all in” and fully committed to this emerging Vision for Cedar Park United leading up to and beyond 2020, but putting it into quantifiable data is impossible.

We could count the number of people who participate in our weekly programming and ministries, or the number of meals we’ve served, or people we’ve helped through our caring and healing ministries. However, it’s that unquantifiable “all the difference in the world” that we make when a grieving family is supported, or the changed life of a young person made to feel truly welcome and valued, that has me fully invested, heart and soul in this community and its Vision and mission. It’s clear to me from what I see in the Vision Bubbles collected to date, that you think so too.

So here’s the “Ask!”


Share with us your passion and vision and dream for CPU through the two forms you’ll find in this packet:

• The first is Vision and Skills Offering for 2019. On this form we’re inviting you to indicate which talents, skills and time you WANT to offer to help us make this Vision possible. It may be a skill you’ve been offering for years, and you want to continue, or it could be something new. You let us know.

• The second is Financial Resourcing for 2019. By indicating what you hope to be able to contribute to support our programming, ministries, building and staff resourcing, we will be able to create a sustainable budget for 2019 that will help us to meet our Vision target priorities.


We will be holding a series of follow-up conversations (one-on-one, focus groups, after-church gatherings, and so on) so that we can better match your talents and skills to vision and ministry opportunities. We are also offering to set up one-on-one conversations with anyone who wants to talk about their donation options.


During November and December, the Board will be working with all your vision and skills input so that we can match vision and resources as closely as possible, and prioritize our mission and ministry foci for 2019, all in time for our annual congregational meeting in February 2019.

Thank you for your part in this Vision!

Rev. Dr. Elisabeth Jones

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