Everyone is welcome to experience our weekly Worship service held at 10 o’clock on Sunday morning. It doesn’t matter if you have no religious background, or you’ve been to plenty of other churches. We will welcome you, respect your dignity and privacy, and no-one will try to “convert” you to Christianity or to our particular form of it. We simply want to share our experience of God with you.IMG_0610 940 pix

Worship is a time to gather together to connect spiritually with God and with one another. It’s a time when we are uplifted by music, song, spoken word, prayer and exploration of Scripture, seeking to make sense of God’s message of abundant life for all. After this weekly worship experience, we are renewed and inspired to live our faith in action in our daily lives, caring for one another, for the wider community and for the earth.Winter 2014 013

What happens in worship? DURING COVID???  We are currently worshipping online, using  Facebook Live, via our Cedar Park Facebook Page. We gather to pray, to explore the Scripture through preaching and music, some of which is pre-recorded digitally by our Sunday Choir and Music Director,Douglas Knight.

Children and parents are invited to join in KidZoom (via Zoom) at 9 am, hosted by our Family and Youth Ministries Coordinator, Martha Randy, where we check in, centre ourselves, explore the story of faith and share “highs and lows” before signing off in time to participate in the FB Live worship at 10 am.